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Adolf Wolffli, 1864-1930:
Naturalist, poet, writer, draughtsman, composer, farm labourer, milker, handy-man, gardener, plasterer, cement-layer, rail worker, day-labourer, knife-grinder, fisher, boatman, hunter, migrant worker, grave-digger, and soldier of the Emmenthal Battalion, 3rd Company, 3rd Section. Alright!

St. Adolf II, Master of Algebra, Military Commander-in-Chief and Chief Music-Director, Giant-Theater-Director, Captain of the Almight-Giant-Steamship and Dr. of Arts and Sciences, Director of the Algebra-and-Geography-Folder-Fabrication and Hunting General. Inventor of 160 original highly valuable inventions patented for all times by the Russian Zar, and for ever the glorious victor of tremendous Giant-Battles.

Wolffli with his Paper Trumpet

From a letter by Wolffli:

Waldau, the 5th of September, 1907
Esteemed sister-in-law,
To pass the time I have now taken up writing. However, no longer for all Seven. And even if I did much wrong, that will soon be forgotten. Supposedly, I squashed the North Pole and cut Europe in two. Oh what rubbish. Lick the sandstone wall. Scold over 1000 sticks. That surely is a torture. Farewell oh vale of tears!

"Der Weegweiser"
Adolf Wolffli

In the name of both, above mentioned and below signed, in future, almighty reigning instances, the holy Saint Adolf, Great-Great-God and author of the book, as well as the holy Saint Mary, Great-Great-Goddess, all musical and geographical, 13 books, piled up in this hospital-cell and, made by myself, should be printed at an excellent Swiss printing workshop, altogether, a total of 16, 500, 000, 000, copies or volumes, and be bound nice and elegant, at a ditto, bookbinder, with the simple and excellent title - the Holy St. Adolf, II. and then, at the selling-price, per individual copy, of 16 Fr. 50 Rappen, in retail, wholesale and world trade, each, be presented to the purchaser. The fixed income of all these volumes, would then be, altogether, about 272, 250, 000, 000, Fr., of which, circa, about 25, 000, 000, 000, francs, would fall to the share of book-printer, bookbinder and transport-costs. The fixed, absolute net profit of this printing result would then be, all together, 252, 250, 000, 000, Fr., of which I above mentioned and below signed, to the high, Swiss Federal Council, about: 2, 000, 000, 000, Fr. in most legal and most excellent information do testamentarily bequeath, for the respective use of building, formation and excellent repair of different generally useful and charitable foundations and their excellent financing, etcetera: not only in the Canton of Berne: no!! In all, individually, highly special Swiss-Cantons: as well as the odd, 250, 000, 000, Fr., for the excellent distribution amongst the poor, sick and needy, each, of my beloved, Swiss-Country. (...)

Respectfully signs, greets and concludes, my humble self,
St. Adolf the II,
Berne, 1916.